Wednesday 24th July 2024,
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Shawn Marion to Retire at Season’s End

marionretireFrom the moment we were introduced to Shawn Marion’s funky shot release, we knew he had to be talented to make it as far as he had with a shot like that. Shawn was drafted in 1999 and has enjoyed a very fruitful career. But this may be the end of the line for Marion, as he has announced this will be his last season.

The 36-year old is finding it difficult to not see his 8-month old son grow up everyday. Can’t blame him for that. Much respect for making this decision.

When the Suns drafted Marion in 1999, Marion set a goal to play 15 seasons. The 36-year-old believes he could play another three seasons but being away from his first child, 8-month-old Shawn, has convinced him to retire after this season with the Cavaliers.

“I wanted to go out on my terms,” Marion said. “The biggest thing is having a son. I got attached to him. Seeing him periodically is hard. Watching him grow up on pictures and videos is hard.”

H/T: AZ Republic

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