Sunday 25th September 2022,
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Kobe Buys $329,000 Ferrari Italia

There has never been a question that Kobe has done well for himself financially. Just how well, can only be understood when considering the details of Kobe’s major purchases. Houses, cars, electronics, clothes, are all part of the ‘life’ that star ball players live. But how many of them can afford to buy a $350,000 car in cash.

That’s right, according to TMZ, Kobe this week bought a Ferrari 458 Italia using cash from a recent paycheck. We all know that Kobe, who spent a great deal of time during his childhood in Italy, has been a lover of all things Italian for years. Including his Italian wife I suppose.

Kobe Bryant is getting paid a league leading $25M this season by the Los Angeles Lakers. And when you consider his many endorsements, its easy to see that Kobe buying this Ferrari is like your average joe buying a beater from a used car dealership.

The Mamba’s new whip according to

The Ferrari 458 Italia continues to go from strength to strength and has garnered over 30 international awards in its short career. Yesterday, it added two further plaudits to that collection at the International Engine of the Year Awards when its V8 was voted “Best Performance Engine” and “Best Engine Above 4 Litres”. The new 4499 cc V8 is the first Ferrari direct injection engine to be mid-rear-mounted. The seven-speed dual-clutch transmission increases performance whilst providing very smooth shifts even at full throttle. The integration of the E-Diff and F1-Trac (now controlled by the same ECU) and their respective mappings is now even greater.

Maybe after delivery Kobe can challenge King James to a race in Lebron’s Ferrari F430 Spider..

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