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Lebron James’ Pre-Game Dunk Contest

January 28, 2009 – Dr. Dime

There has been a ton of Lebron James/Dunk Contest talk over the last few weeks here at The Hoop Doctors. Even the *ahem* ‘haters’ realize that having Lebron James participate would have been great for the league, fans, media, and pretty much anyone involved with the sport of basketball.

But back to the haters for a minute. Although the absurdity of it blows my mind, i’ve actually heard people say that they don’t think Lebron James would be a good dunk contest participant because his dunks aren’t flashy or innovative, just power and routine. I beg to differ. Lebron James has the power and explosiveness of Dominique Wilkens, the grace and hangtime of Michael Jordan, the pure hops of Vince Carter, and the ball handling skills of a Spud Webb. So in my mind Lebron would not only win the dunk contest, but possible pull off some of the greatest most electrifying dunks ever.

After recently watching this video of Lebron pulling off some amazing dunks just screwing around in warmups, you can’t help but imagine just what kind of dunks he could pull off in a competition where he has had time to plan out his routine and has the adrenaline pumping from the entire nation watching…..

(H/T to Bare Knucks where we saw the video)

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  • SICK!

  • LeBron’s pulled off dunks IN GAMES that were better than any I’ve seen in the contest. Nate Robinson ain’t shit.

  • brian ala

    sur tha only dunk u c is a strait monster dunk dats it have u ever c him do a 360,windmill,nope i didnt thik so im not hating just look at it hes 2 stiff 2 try to do a amazing dunk so get of tha jock bro

  • ucze21

    yea i agree he has not did a 360 or a windmill in a game

  • ucze21

    DA BIG ? IS CAN HE WIN CHAMPIONSHIP ANSWER DAT 4 ME LOL il give da high flying moves look at vince carter luv da guy but u cant win wid ur hops bro ask

  • ucze21

    ooppsss my bad ask dwight howard lol he had mad hops wat hapen nahda i mean nahda zip so tell me who da real best player zon

  • MJ fan

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