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Obsessed Lebron James Fan Gets Tattoo and Mouthguard

July 1, 2009 – Dr. Dime

I like Lebron James as much as the next guy (unless that ‘next guy’ is this dude Aaron). In the video below, Aaron explains why he got a huge tattoo of Lebron James on his arm, and then goes on to explain why it was so important to him to get his hands on a mouth guard that Lebron James wore his senior year of high school.

And as You’ve Been Blinded points out, let’s just hope for Aaron’s sake that Lebron doesn’t bolt for New York in 2010 and/or change Jersey numbers. Aaron, this could be worse than tattooing a girls name on your arm then breaking up.

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  • travis

    I’ll gladly take the Lakers trophy rather than a LeBron James tattoo and mouth guard.

    Beat that?

  • This guy has some issues. If Lebron signs with NY next year, he may go completely over the edge.


    now now i know this guy for a while and if any of u are trying to take a turn to negative town just know to stop hating so damn much… i think he knew that there was a chance that lebron could go to NY … so stop pointing out the same stuff he knows….

  • The Q

    ive worked with the guy for about a year. i thought he was crazy for collecting all this stuff.. and know the world know

  • This dude takes fandom to a new level. A game-worn mouthpiece?! Can you really impress people with that? Hey, come look at my collection…oh that over there? That’s the crown jewel. Yeah, that was in LeBron’s mouth for a year. (Weird.)

  • jayreezzy

    Stop hatin cus he got a lebron tat ..he the best player in the world but the mouth piece that’s a little over board you feel me

  • i have a huge tatoo of him on every body part even my balls

  • LeBron, being the superstar that he is, needs to be protected from the different injuries and hard fouls that are given to him. This guy is, indeed, a fan of King James, and I just hope this guy is not from Cleveland.