Wednesday 24th April 2024,
The Hoop Doctors

LeBron’s Reasoning For Wearing Shorter Shorts This Season

Shorter Shorts

If you’ve been paying close attention so far this season, you might notice something different about LeBron James aside from his interesting new mustache. His shorts seem to be approaching a John Stockton-esque look. They’re noticeably shorter shorts than they have been in the past.

This is not by accident, LeBron is going for a more “professional” look…in his 13th season.

This season he trimmed his uniform shorts by a couple inches, and had his jersey made snugger than in years past. He had expressed to those close to him he wants to leave the baggy look behind and place a renewed emphasis on professional appearance when it comes to the size of his uniform as well as his pregame and postgame attire. […] When he arrives for work at The Q, he typically wears a sportcoat. It’s his way of reaffirming that it’s a business atmosphere. Professionalism and conduct were a main focus of the Cavaliers’ pre-regular-season team meeting in late October.


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