Friday 18th September 2020,
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2015 Christmas Day Jerseys Unveiled

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    The NBA have unveiled the 2015 Christmas Day jerseys, and they look absolutely brilliant. No stupid first names, no sleeves to irritate players and fans alike, no monochromatic looks.

    NBA: This year’s uniforms incorporate primary team colors and cream tones, while player names and numbers are showcased in holiday-style script and detailed with woven rows of stitching. A scarlet NBA seal is also displayed on the back of the jersey as a nod to holiday greeting cards.

    They’re just a wonderful throwback to a simpler time, while still incorporating the Christmas spirit in the font. It’s the details that make this year’s iteration, such as the cream instead of white making the look a little softer on the eyes, or the ‘greeting card’ seal on the back. New this year is the NBA’s official deal with Stance Socks, which means that each player gets funky new threads on foot as well, to go with the smattering of new shoes that are often unveiled by brands on Christmas Day.

    So here are the jerseys for each team playing on December 25th. (all photos are from the NBA and adidas

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  • Lakers

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  • Spurs

  • Rockets

  • Thunder

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