Monday 22nd July 2024,
The Hoop Doctors

Kevin Durant: “I’m the Best Player in the World”

durantinterviewThe “best player it the world” rhetoric is officially beyond old. When fans and media began referring to LeBron James as that a handful of years ago, it was a novelty and wasn’t said as frequently. But now, you can’t get through a quarter of a game without it being mentioned by the broadcast team.

This, however, is not LeBron’s fault. It’s our fault, which is why it made absolutely no sense when people called LeBron arrogant for calling himself the best player in the world during the Finals. What exactly are we mad at? That’s what we’ve been telling him for years.

But now Kevin Durant has jumped into the mix as well. He has labeled himself the best player in the world too as Team USA minicamp.

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