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15 Best Retro Basketball Sneakers Under $100 At Foot Locker

  • 15retro

    In 2015, don’t expect to see the demand for Retro basketball sneakers go away. Classic kicks are always sought after, but with sneaker prices being as high as they’ve ever been, it is understandable to not be buying sneakers just because you like them. That is why this list exists.

    Because sneakers are an increasingly popular item, sportswear brands are producing more shoes than ever before…but not all sell out right away. With the rate these athletic shoes are being released at retail, there isn’t enough feet (or extra spending dollars) to see supply run out right as new pairs come out; which is why most sneakers go on sale significantly below their MSRP price.

    Whether you’re in debt from holiday spending, ballin’ on a budget, or just plain ol’ value your dollar, this list highlights 15 of the best Retro basketball sneakers at Foot Locker for under $100. Go into this new year with a fresh pair of kicks from Foot Locker for the low.

  • 15footlockerretrobasketball-adidascrazy97

    Kobe Bryant wore this sneaker back in 1997 when it was known as the adidas EQT Elevation. Its good to have access to a sneaker Kobe wore early in his career almost two decades ago while at the same time watching his last few years.

    This colorway was made for Iman Shumpert while he was with the New York Knicks.

  • 15footlockerretrobasketball-reebokkamikazeii

    This pastel colorway of the Shawn Kemp signature Kamikaze II was apart of Reebok’s 2014 Easter pack and a great pickup at this price almost a year later.

  • 15footlockerretrobasketball-converseaerojam

    The Aerojam is one of the sneakers that were apart of the popular Converse ad campaign which introduced Larry Johnson in a dress as the Grandmama character.

  • 15footlockerretrobasketball-adidastopten


    Debuted in 1979, the hightop version of the Top Ten was very popular in both US and European professional basketball markets. MSRP is already under the $100 mark but with more than a handful of colorway options there are discounted versions.

  • 15footlockerretrobasketball-nikeairforceonehigh

    Featuring then-key performances attributes like a very resilient build and a circular threat pattern for easier pivoting, a hightop Air Force One in a good color blocking like this is so necessary.

  • 15footlockerretrobasketball-jordanmelo1point5

    Varmelo Anthony has been with Jordan Brand long enough to have a sneaker from his signature series get the Retro treatment; a first for any Team Jordan member besides Michael. That is amazing.

  • 15footlockerretrobasketball-asicsGelSpotlyte
    Since the Asics Gel-Spotlyte was the sneaker Isiah Thomas was wearing in the 1992 NBA All Star Game in Orlando, it is probable to think that he would have worn the Gel-Spotlyte in the Olympics…if he made the Dream Team that is. Would anyone else agree this colorway would look right at home in Barcelona or nah?

  • 15footlockerretrobasketball-adidasattitude


    Available in the same colorway that Patrick Ewing wore while wearing the adidas Attitude, it is advisable to pick up a Ewing jersey for a historically accurate Halloween costume.

  • 15footlockerretrobasketball-niketerminator

    Releasing in the same year the Air Jordan 1, the Terminator features a loop in the heel to thread the laces around the shoe.

  • 15footlockerretrobasketball-adidascrazy8


    Probably the most popular Kobe Bryant sneaker, the Crazy 8 (or KB8) has been steadily releasing for over a dozen years but is as well received as ever. Coming in at a few dollars under a C-Note ($100) is the John Wall-inspired colorway pictured.

  • 15footlockerretrobasketball-adidasmutombo2ii

    Back when the first round of the NBA Playoffs was best-of-three, Dikembe Mutombo wore his second siganture sneaker, the adidas Mutombo 2 as he led the 8th seeded Nuggets over the Supersonics, who were the top team in the Western Conference.

    This shoe helped justify Mutombo’s famous fingerwave; it’s apart of history in a way.

  • 15footlockerretrobasketball-nikeairraid

    Designed with streetball in mind, the Air Raid features the iconic X straps alot the upper which adds addition lockdown support.

  • 15footlockerretrobasketball-reebokpumpdtime

    In 1993, Reebok gave Dee Brown a signature shoe that was immensely popular for both performance and casual wear. After a very limited release a few years ago, the Pump D-Time returns in this OG colorway (without the Above The Rim branding and gum outsole bottom).

  • 15footlockerretrobasketball-airjordan1lowNouveau

    Despite the tremendous push and quality releases of 2014, the Air Jordan 1 is still a slept on silhouette and that goes doubly so for the lowtop version. The Nouveau editions of this sneaker looks be constructed with higher quality materials than regular AJ1 release which makes makes this specific colorway a great value.

    The waxed laces look cool too.

  • 15footlockerretrobasketball-adidaseqtbasketball

    adidas brings their EQT Basketball model out every few years and is always welcome, its a good sneaker. The removable bootie (made out of neoprene) makes it possible to swap them into other pairs essentially making a whole new colorway.


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