Sunday 16th June 2024,
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Larry Bird Bothered By Lance Blowing in LeBron’s Ear

lb_lance9For most, Lance Stephenson blowing in LeBron’s ear during game 5 was all fun and games. Twitter, photoshop and meme makers certainly had a ball. But Pacers team president Larry Bird wasn’t amused. Bird barely smiles when the Pacers win, so you can imagine what he thought of Lance’s antics.

Bird was bothered by what Lance did. It’s unclear if Bird will speak to Lance about it, but it probably wouldn’t even matter much.

But if you thought the actual incident was funny and entertaining, there’s one important man who doesn’t.

Asked via text message if he was bothered by Stephenson blowing in James’ ear, Pacers president Larry Bird replied, “Yes I am.”

H/T: USA Today

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