Wednesday 24th July 2024,
The Hoop Doctors

Jason Kidd Used Expletive-Laden Rant Towards Lawrence Frank Before Demoting Him

When Jason Kidd demoted assistant coach Lawrence Frank a week ago or so, it caught many by surprise as there wasn’t much of an explanation provided. But as is the case with most things, we now know why.

Apparently, Kidd and Frank got into it and the head coach laid into the assistant with an expletive-laden rant, before ultimately reassigning him to produce “daily reports.”

That sounds good and everything, but let’s see if Kidd lasts the entire season.

Brooklyn Nets coach Jason Kidd allegedly used “a 13-letter word” in an expletive-filled rant against assistant Lawrence Frank following the team’s loss in Orlando on Nov. 3.

“Sit the (expletive) down! I’m the coach of this (13-letter word) team! When you’re on the bench, don’t (expletive) move,” Kidd said, according to, which did not offer further details of what the 13-letter word was.

The argument ultimately led to Frank getting “reassigned” to a reduced role where he would produce “daily reports.”



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