Thursday 24th May 2018,
The Hoop Doctors

ESPN Airs ‘Gotta Be The Shoes’ In Celebration Of Michael Jordan’s 50th Birthday

In honor in Michael Jordan’s upcoming birthday, ESPN ran a special segment called ‘Gotta Be The Shoes’ highlighting the legendary Air Jordan sneaker line.

Predictably, the story of how the Air Jordan XI saw its first unveiling was touched upon, educating those who have never heard about the greatest sneaker “leak” ever.  Its interesting to see early sketches of the Air Jordan III and hear designer Tinker Hatfield talk about the shoe that many give the title of the ‘greatest Air Jordan’ to. There is also great in-game footage showing exactly what Air Jordans were made for; performance basketball.  Those familiar with NYC sneaker stores will immediately notice Flight Club’s biggest NYC location in the background during this video clip’s narration.

For as long as kids go back-to-school shopping, sneakers have been mainstream but visuals like this is great for those sneaker enthusiasts who read our Kicks section daily and those who know nothing about the sneaker tech & just admire footwear alike.

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