Friday 22nd June 2018,
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Nike Basketball – ‘Christmas 2012’ Pack

Basketball on Christmas have become as much apart of the holiday routine as football is to Thanksgiving. Every year, you can bet that there will be marquee NBA games played throughout the day and this year is no different. A growing feature of these holiday games are the sneakers Christmas-themed sneakers high profile players will be wearing so take an official look at what Nike will lace LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Kobe Bryant on December 25th.

Kobe Bryant’s latest signature sneaker, the Kobe 8 System takes its inspiration from the rhinoceros viper which despite its bright color you don’t want to get any type of close to. The scale design on the Engineered Mesh upper is said to resemble garland on a Christmas tree.

When Kevin Durant was a kid (which was not that long ago being born in 1988 and all), a vivid Christmas memory of his was getting a video game system. With that in mind, the whole ‘Christmas’ KD V has the feel of an 8-bit video game from the wavy, pixelated upper and KD logo on the tongue to the grainy image of Durant performing a slam dunk and scoring hundreds of points in video game fashion on the insole.

Continuing the diamond theme the latest LeBron James signature sneaker will use, the ‘Christmas’ LeBron X draws its inspiration from the red diamond, which any gemologist will say is one of the rarest colors that the stone forms. Furthering that point is a image of a red diamond in the logo panel on the side of the shoe. A translucent green upper matches the laces used on this pair.

The entire Nike Basketball ‘Christmas’ pack consisting of the LeBron X, Kobe 8 System, and KD V hit store shelves on December 26th.

Nike Kobe 8 – ‘Christmas’




Nike KD V – ‘Christmas’




Nike LeBron X – ‘Christmas’




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