Sunday 03rd March 2024,
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Dwight Changes Nickname From Superman to Ironman

It looks like Dwight Howard has finally had enough of Shaq getting on him. After all, Both guys played in Orlando, now Los Angeles and embraced the Superman nickname. For those reasons, Shaq isn’t too fond of Dwight. To combat all of this, Dwight would like to change his nickname from Superman to Ironman. But, can you change your own nickname? Isn’t there some sort of protocol?

Dwight Howard is suffering from an identity crisis – which superhero is he? The new Lakers center went by the nickname of “Superman” at the Orlando Magic, much to the irritation of Shaquille O’Neal. You may remember that Shaq, also a former Orlando Magic player, later of the Los Angeles Lakers, went by the nickname of, oh, “Superman.” The pair have subsequently played out a simmering feud over the last few years, and that appears to have led Howard to take up a new super-persona. Howard announced on Sunday that his new nickname was now “Iron Man.”

Source: msn

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