Tuesday 16th July 2024,
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NBA All-Star Ballot Corruption Vol. 2

Winter has finally hit here in Wisconsin, reaching sub zero temperatures with a new snow storm each week. But, you don’t care about that.

Neither do I. Just like you, all I care about right now is basketball and am anxiously awaiting the All Star weekend and the playoffs. Last year around this time, I wrote Vol. 1 of this little tirade I am about to go on. Peep “NBA All-Star Ballot Corruption” in the archives.

Last week the NBA released the first returns on the NBA All Star ballots. Dwight Howard was the top vote getter all around with Kobe Bryant, Mr. Durant, LBJ, and DRose following behind. All of that is okay by me. Each of these players has played outstanding to this point in the shortened season and have their teams at the top of the standings. However, once again the fans all around and the All Star voting process as a whole have made me cringe.

If someone were to ask who the best power forward in the game is right now, I would hope that each and everyone’s answer would be KEVIN LOVE. Last year, I was upset with the fact that the man was barely even being considered as an All Star. This year, well I am just blatantly upset by the fact that people believe that Blake Griffin, Dirk Nowitzki, and Pau Gasol are more deserving than Mr. Love. Sure, the voting process is a popularity contest. I understand that. But, as a fan myself, I can’t sit there and vote for players from my favorite teams or for those who are not truly deserving.

The second release of the NBA All Star ballots have been released and Kevin Love remains in fifth place behind Durant, Griffin, Nowitzki, and Gasol. That’s right, FIFTH. The man who is averaging a double double with 25 ppg and 14.5 rpg , ranks fourth in scoring, second in rebounds (would be first if it weren’t for Superman’s 25 rebound explosion last night), and has only scored less than 20 points once this season. Not to mention the fact that Mr. Love has the T’Wolves only two games below .500 at 6-8.

The flaws of the NBA All Star voting have progressively worsened each year. Should the fans be able to see who they want to see play? Yes, of course. However, somehow, someway, Mr. Stern, the coaches, and the players have to draw a line. It only starts with Kevin Love. As the same cases can be made this year for LaMarcus Aldridge, Russell Westbrook, and Monta Ellis.

Once again, FIGHT THE POWER KEVIN LOVE! Fight the power!

Alex Rosencutter is a former NCAA basketball player at Clarke University and a kinesiology major at Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Originally from Kenosha, Wisconsin, this hoops addict and die hard Miami Heat fan, who is obsessed with old school hoops, has a fever for basketball and the only prescription is more basketball.

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