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Nate Robinson Scores On Wrong Basket [Video]

November 22, 2009 – Dr. Dime

When two of the worst teams in the NBA meet, you are sure to seem some pretty horrible basketball. The New York Knicks vs. the New Jersey Nets game this weekend was certainly no exception. Poor New York basketball fans. It’s like watching a really bad movie, or even a bad car accident on the highway. You want to just get up and walk/look away but it is sooo bad you just can’t bring yourself to do it.

Little Nate ‘Kryptonate’ Robinson of the Knicks wasn’t helping matters much before the buzzer by scoring on a three point shot off the inbounds on his own basket!! Coach Mike D’Antoni lost his mind, and for good reason. The look on Nate Robinson’s face afterwards was priceless. “What did I do? Who me?”

Classic move Nate. Even though the Knicks won the game, you reminded the world, in a game between two heavyweights like the Knicks and Nets, nobody wins:

(H/T to Ball Don’t Lie where we saw the video embed)

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