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Top 10 In Game Dunks of All-time

June 28, 2009 – Dr. Dime

A friend today sent me a link of this video of the Top 10 In Game Dunks of All-time, and I figured I had to share it with you guys. Although the video is a few years old now and probably should be updated with at least one vicious throw down from Lebron James this season, it still holds fairly true. I say drop the #10 dunk of Ricky Davis and replace it with the Lebron throw down on the whole Atlanta Hawks team where his headband got knocked off, then you have a list. And clearly the Michael Jordan dunk on Patrick Ewing is the best in game dunk of all-time. Vince really took off huge on the play where he dunked over Weis, but Kenny Smith is right, it was the Olympics…

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