Wednesday 24th July 2024,
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Dirk to Sign One-Year, $5 Million Deal With Mavericks

dirk nowitzki

It is official, Dirk Nowitzki will spend more time playing for the Dallas Mavericks than any player has spent playing with one team in NBA history.

Nowitzki will sign a one-year, $5 million contract this season to play his record-breaking 21st season with the Mavericks:

This was a foregone conclusion of course, but still pretty amazing to think that Dirk has spent more time in a Mavericks uniform than any one player in any one uniform in the history of the sport.

Dirk just turned 40 on June 19 and hasn’t given any indication as of yet that this would be his final season.

While I fully support NBA player’s rights to use their position and leverage to play where they desire in some cases, especially considering the mercenary and frankly cold business that professional sports can be, it is still refreshing and amazing to see the level of loyalty, success and love between Dirk, the city of Dallas and the Mavericks organization over these past two decades.

The Mavericks added some real talent in young euro stud Luka Doncic and All-NBA caliber center DeAndre Jordan this summer, so Dirk may have one more shot at a playoff push.

It will be a treat to see Nowitzki donning the Mavericks blue and white again for a 21st season.

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