Thursday 17th January 2019,
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Kerr: If Draymond Green Were on Another Team No One at Oracle Would Like Him

Kerr: If Draymond Green Were on Another Team No One at Oracle Would Like Him

Draymond Green Steve Kerr

Draymond Green is a classic example of a guy you love to play with and hate to play against.

We all know some of these guys growing up playing basketball or playing pickup, the guys who constantly talk trash and irritate their opponents incessantly, but do everything they can to help you win a game. And he’s proven himself a winner over and over again. Just ask sites like Swanky Bingo Online that rarely ever lay odds against him and the Warriors, even when key players are injured for the team.

His antics have made him Public Enemy No. 1 to many players and fans around the league (along with his penchant for kicking other men’s groins) and has even drew the ire of Charles Barkley.

Steve Kerr understands this sentiment about Green and told NBC Sports Bay Area that no one on the team or in the arena would like Green if he were an opposing player.

“Let’s be honest — if Draymond were on a different team, nobody at Oracle would like him,” Steve Kerr said on KNBR 680 on Wednesday. “Nobody on our team would like him. He’s the ultimate irritant. He’s the ultimate antagonist.

“And when he’s on your team — oh man do you love him. He competes so hard and he generates so much energy and competitive desire. He brings this edge to the game. We would not have a single championship without Draymond. I know that. He’s such a huge factor for us in every series because of his versatility.

“But he’s just one of those guys who no matter what happens, there’s gonna be a lot of stuff going on. And I love it — we need that.”

It is refreshing how honest and open Steve Kerr always is about any topic (and he is almost always right in my opinion), and as weird as it may sound, not many coaches would even acknowledge the fact that they probably wouldn’t like one of their stars if he weren’t on the team.

The fact of the matter is despite how obscenely talented the Warriors are, Draymond Green is the glue or duct tape and gives them the edge they need to handle all of the expectations and pressure of being one o the greater dynasties in NBA history.

It is also fair to point out that Green wouldn’t be quite the player he is in almost any other situation.

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