Wednesday 16th January 2019,
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Jazz Officially Waive Rose

Jazz Officially Waive Rose

derrick rose

Derrick Rose feels like he is on his 9th NBA life at this point as chronic injuries, poor and bizarre decision making and a seeming lack of desire for the game at this point in his career have caused him to fall from grace in Chicago, not play up to par in New York (although he did have his best season in four years) and provide virtually nothing to the Cavaliers.

Because of that, he was one of many Cavaliers shipped out of town during Thursday’s trade deadline and landed in Utah as part of the deal to acquire Rodney Hood and George Hill.

With the Jazz’s point guard situation being pretty well defined this season with Ricky Rubio and Donovan Mitchell, it was clear Rose wasn’t going to be a part of the team going forward.

He was officially waived by the Jazz over the weekend and has now entered the busy NBA buyout market.

The biggest suitor for his services appears to be in Minnesota with his old coach Tom Thibodeau and a couple of his old Bulls teammates Jimmy Butler and Taj Gibson.

There is one other team that may have some interest though because of the current injury to their All-Star point guard:

Honestly, as harsh as this is I think he is not a good fit ofr either team or possibly any team in the NBA at this point. Tyus Jones has been highly productive and efficient in limited minutes in Minnesota and taking away his minutes would do more harm than good for the T’Wolves and the Wizards seem to be playing good basketball at the moment without Wall. With the injury over the weekend to Tim Frazier, depth alone may demand the Wizards add another point guard for the time being so Rose is worth consideration, but for a team with clear chemistry issues I don’t know if Rose is the most prudent decision for that opening.

Someone will likely sign Rose in the next few days.

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