Saturday 15th December 2018,
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Kobe Bryant Recently Gave Stephen Curry Advice on How to…Play with an Injured Ring Finger

Kobe Bryant Recently Gave Stephen Curry Advice on How to…Play with an Injured Ring Finger

Kobe Bryant

Stephen Curry had a problem leading into the Golden State Warriors’ most recent matchup with the Los Angeles Lakers: The ring finger on his shooting hand was in pain.

So what was he to do?

Contact the only person in a position to help him, of course: Retired NBA legend and lifetime Laker Kobe Bryant.


Curry divulged that the two had a chat about his injured right ring finger shortly after the Warriors’ narrowly escaped their Wednesday night overtime victory against the Lakers.’s Ramona Shelburne provided the scoop:

Steph Curry said he spoke to Kobe Bryant yesterday for tips on how to play w/ a painful, injured ring finger on shooting hand. Kobe said padding on that finger was very painful but can be managed. Curry said his touch/feel was off tonight but he’ll figure out adjustment.

Those damn ring-finger pads. They’re always getting in the way of peoples’ shooting motion.

Curry isn’t kidding about being out of rhythm. Though he hit a few big shots down the stretch, he finished 9-of-20 overall (so-so for him) and 3-of-9 from downtown. He also missed a crucial free throw late in overtime that could have shifted the outcome of the game had the Lakers figured out how to keep Draymond Green from tapping the ball off the glass and out to the perimeter, where the race for possession devolved into a free-for-fall that did not favor Los Angeles.

Anyhow, Curry will be fine. His ring finger should heal. And if it doesn’t, maybe Kobe’s advice will pay off, and he’ll figure out a way how to manage the pain and return to his usual, deadly, hyper-efficient self. And if things still aren’t right, he can always return to Kobe for advice. The Black Mamba is, after all, a well of information.

(He could, and should, also seek a second, third and fourth opinion from actual doctors.)

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