Sunday 18th November 2018,
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Cousins Becomes 1st Player in Almost 30 Years to Drop 40-20 Twice

Cousins Becomes 1st Player in Almost 30 Years to Drop 40-20 Twice

demarcus cousins

DeMarcus Cousins can be one of the more frustrating players in the NBA with his general ornery-ness and propensity for flopping to get calls and then complaining to the referees non-stop.

He is also one of the most gifted and diversely talented big men the NBA has seen in a long time, and he flashed that once again on Wednesday night.

Cousins absolutely took over and carried the Pelicans without Anthony Davis to a 123-114 victory over a depleted Denver Nuggets team with another all-time great performance: 40 points, 22 rebounds, four assists and four blocks.

This is already his second 40 and 20 game of the 2017-18 season, which puts him in pretty elite company…

Joel Embiid may have some competition for best center in the league so mark your calendars for this Sunday when Cousins and Embiid face off in New Orleans in a battle for NBA center supremacy (sorry Andre Drummond).

Cousins may finally be turning the corner as a player who helps you win games and channels all of his focus and energy into dominating on the court and winning and not getting into it with everybody in sight, although he still does that as well (see: Kevin Durant).

Cousins may be in line for his best season yet, this time along side another All-NBA caliber big man in Anthony Davis, pretty incredible.

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