Thursday 21st June 2018,
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Pour Out Some Liquor for the Early 2000s, Kawhi Cut His Braids…

Pour Out Some Liquor for the Early 2000s, Kawhi Cut His Braids…

kawhi leonard

For all you lovers of the early 2000s in NBA and Hip Hop style and swag, you know what I am talking about, du-rags, backward jerseys, jean shorts (I miss jean shorts), baggy jeans, huge t-shirts and on the basketball court headbands and cornrows, today is a very sad day.

The one man who was truly keeping the spirit of the early 2000s alive (alas without some of the swagger) and harkening back to the heydays of Allen Iverson, Latrell Spreewell, early Carmelo Anthony and others, I am talking about Kawhi Leonard of course, has decided to give up the cause and do the unthinkable: cut his hair.

I mean if you’re going to cut the braids, can you at least get a fresh line-up? I get that Kawhi is a man of substance and not flash and not about living a luxurious lifestyle, but getting a crispy fade doesn’t really cost you anymore you know?

Leonard apparently had rocked the braids since middle school (in the smack dab middle of their heyday by the way) so this is a pretty big life change for him as well as the basketball world and early 2000s NBA aficionados around the world. Who will be our next savior? Joel Embiid I am looking at you…

Of all the changes that seem to be on the horizon this off-season none will be bigger than Kawhi Leonard cutting his hair. Maybe he thinks it will make him a little more aerodynamic and give him the most minute of boost to be able to improve and lead the Spurs over the Warriors next season, that sounds like a Kawhi Leonard decision.

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