Thursday 30th May 2024,
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Steve Kerr, Phil Jackson Met About Knicks Coaching Job

ny_a_jackson01jr_600x400The wheels are beginning to turn on the Knicks coaching search. For several weeks now, we heard that Phil Jackson is eying Steve Kerr as the next Knicks head coach. After ousting Mike Woodson and his entire staff last week, the fun has begun.

Jackson apparently met and had dinner with Kerr over the weekend to discuss this opening. Kerr has already made it known that if offered, he would accept the job in a heartbeat. Conventional wisdom says to expect Kerr to be announced as the coach within the month of May.

“We talked about the coaching position and we’ll keep talking,” Kerr told the Daily News on Sunday on his way into Barclays Center, where he called Game 4 of the Nets-Raptors series for TNT. “I’ve made it pretty clear the past couple of years that I’d like to get into coaching, and now it’s sort of out there. It’s like anything else, you have to explore it and that’s what we’re doing…

“We’ll further the conversation on both sides. But meanwhile I’m really busy with my own (broadcasting job),” Kerr continued. “If that weren’t the case, if I weren’t traveling around and working, this would be a little easier. But because of the schedule, my schedule, and the way everything is sort of unfolding, we gotta pick our spots.”

H/T: NY Daily News

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