Thursday 16th August 2018,
The Hoop Doctors

Boston, Dallas, Orlando, Charlotte to Make Offers For Cousins

DeMarcus Cousins has endless potential, but because he can be a headache, his future in the NBA is uncertain. His time may be running out in Sacramento as his act continues to get old. According to reports, several teams could make a play for Cousins.

Today KSR has spoken with a source close to DeMarcus Cousins both that confirms trade talks are ongoing and Cousins is hoping a deal will be worked out soon. According to the source, the four teams that are most likely to end up making such a deal for cousins are Boston, Dallas, Orlando and Charlotte. The USA Today story reported that Detroit, Houston and Washington are also potential destinations, but the source tells KSR that Cousins has been told those are all unlikely for a variety of reasons. 

H/T: sactownroyalty 

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