Thursday 24th May 2018,
The Hoop Doctors

Pippen Has Been Added to Dream Team Roster in NBA 2K13

Several weeks ago, it was announced that NBA 2K13 will come with the option to play using the 1992 Dream Team. However, the only one missing from the equation at the time was Scottie Pippen. Problem solved, as Pippen has been added to the game and whatever disagreement that initially left him off is no longer.

However, this year’s NBA 2K13 is going to have the Dream Team on it and the first version was without Pippen because he could not reach a licensing deal with the game’s makers. Everyone else could, not Pippen. So he was left off. And that created a buzz on the Web about why this just seemed wrong.

Problem solved — the two sides have reached a deal, 2K Sports announced.

Source: probasketballtalk

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