Wednesday 24th January 2018,
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Charles Oakley Calls KG and Perkins ‘Fake Tough Guys’

Today’s game is very different than it was 20 years ago when Charles Oakley made a name for himself in New York. He was a true enforcer, but there are really anymore of those types around. And apparently, Oak has noticed…

Garnett left Minnesota and hollered and screamed and all that but hes not a tough guy. He’s one of the weakest guys to ever play the game. He’s a complimentary player and went to Paul Pierce’s team and won a championship. I wouldn’t consider him a top 10 tough guy.

He’s just like Garnett. They holler and complain. If Kendrick Perkins would play basketball, Oklahoma City would win a championship the next 3 or 4 years…[He brings] Nothing [to the table]. That’s why he got dunked on and he got mad about someone tweeting about it, you’re a power forward, you don’t let guys dunk on you. I played 18, 19 years I got dunked on 3 times, you’re limited on offense do something on defense, get a rebound make some free throws.

Source: Sports Talk Network

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    Who the fuck is a charles oakley haha, nigga tryna get his name in the headlines psssshh , HACK

    • Pooch33928

       Charles oakley would bust blake griffins ass if he was still playing today, and u ask who is charles oakley man u don’t know much about basketball do you

      • Problem is…Oakley would foul out the way today’s game is called.

    •  Obviously YOU never saw this guy play!! he could STILL kick KG and PORKINS ASS!

      learn about the game!!

  • Andre

    Oakley needs to enjoy retirement. Had a solid NBA career…..Just one of
    several players that Michael Jordan cost a title…….Stockton,
    Malone, Barkley, Ewing, Miller, Mullen. Although KG and Perkins may not
    be as “tough” as OAK, You have to give Garnett his due. He’s a NBA Hall a
    Famer and in my opinion Oakley is not. 

    • Knicksfan

       Agreed, but Perk playing with that scowl all the time and bumping guys
      like he is an enforcer is kinda funny. The whole league and officiating
      is gone soft, so why pretend like you’re going to hurt someone, just
      makes you look ridiculous knowing you wont.  Back in the Oakley Knicks
      days, if they scowled it was cause they meant it. They may just lay you
      out right there on the floor.

      • Yeah…you could definitely get away with a lot more pushing and shoving.  I miss the physical game…Though I hate the whole “tough guy” “he could beat up whoever” shit.  it’s basketball, not boxing.  Half the reason KG yaps as much as he does is to fuck with opponents…Trash talking has always been part of the game.  We seem to forget that at one point KG could back up his talk with his game.

  • Krespino

    In this world where everybody is commenting on everything, Oakley has more than the right to express his opinion on today’s supposedly tough guys.  He has been there and done it. People should be thankful to him for bringing up the issue that needs to be discussed: what in the world is Perkins really producing, achieving?? Against his fat contract? Oakley’s point that Perkins will probably cost the OCT the championship that the team is otherwise equipped for is a very valid point; and nobody else is more entitled to draw attention to that than o former star who played Perkins’ position.

  • Yeah he would do all of that but they don’t allow that play in the league now a days and that Blake Griffin comment is a far reaching stretch!

  • guess

    BS. Oakley is as much of a bitch as KG is. No one likes the present, but remembers a past that never happened.

    • Neither of them are “bitches”.  I don’t really understand this discussion sometimes.  You talk trash and back it up with your game and skill and athletic ability….not your fists and fighting….

  • Bill Russell

    Charles Oakley doesn’t know jackshitt, just like Danny Ainge

  • Obviously YOU never saw this guy play!! he could STILL kick KG and PORKINS ASS!

    learn about the game!!

    KIds Nowadays?? write ENGLISH!! “Tryna???” LAME!! GO LAKERS!

    Man I Hate this Kiddy Text Krap! ha!

  • Congratulations OAK, you’re in headlines by mentioning KG!

  • Yavettezollinger

    What a freaking idiot…Rather you like him or not Kevin Garnett is one of the best defensive players to EVER set foot on the court, and has a lot to offer offensively also,very good from freethrow line and has about the prettiest jump shot ever… I wasn’t a real big Perkins fan….however I am intellegent to see what his true worth was now that he is gone the Celtics have not quite been the same since the trade…Obviously Charles Oakly is a senile old bastard who hasn’t a clue!

  • Vin Steezel

    who cares if he could whoop KG’s or Perk’s ass, he was a mediocre player, and no where near the skills that KG had.
    they are BASKETBALL players, not MMA fighters.
    oak never even won a ring!

  • Dnlchick37

    I dont know about Perkins when his career is over, but I do know KG will go on to the HOF as one of the greatest forwards ever to play the game, and Oakley will be remembered as a average player who never won anything in his whole career. If Oak thinks being an enforcer is importin, why didnt he go into boxing. Basketball is for throughbreds, not thugs. You cant even play that way anymore, you would be kicked out of the leauge. The days of fighting, and clotheslining a player, are long gone. Its tough when you get old, and know one cares about you anymore, and Charles seems to have reached that point. Whats the old saying, theres no fool like an old fool, and he needs to go quiety into that good night.