Friday 12th April 2024,
The Hoop Doctors

Brandon Jennings Speaks Out About His Beef with Kobe Bryant this Summer

Brandon Jennings, star point guard for the Milwaukee Bucks, is anything but conventional. He took an unconventional route to the NBA, he had an unconventional NBA draft night, his personality is genuine and unapologetic, and to top it off he is even a left-handed point man to keep defenses guessing.

So we weren’t all that surprised this summer when Jennings called out Kobe Bryant on twitter. Lakers’ fans flooded blogs and forums, spittin’ hate about Jennings to protect their boy. But hey, if you wanna be the best you have to beat the best, right? I’m not saying Jennings should even dream about taking Kobe, but the summer exhibitions have a flavor of street, that can only favor Jennings style of play. Remember, this play at Dyckman? Clowned.

The Hoop Doctors had a chance to catch up with Jennings last week at an Under Armour launch event and we couldn’t help but ask about his beef with Kobe (1:09 of interview), and whether or not Kobe reached out to him. You may be surprised by his response about Kobe…

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