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May 21, 2010 – Allen Moll

The Hoop Doctors resident and longtime NBA and NCAA writer Allen Moll was selected to be a part of’s weekly Blogger Q&A feature with current TNT analyst Doug Collins. The feature runs periodically on where each time a different NBA expert (former players, coaches, or announcers) answer questions submitted by 8-10 different accomplished writers from some of the top basketball sites across the web.

Allen had to submit three questions in advance of the feature to be approved by the hospitable head honchos over at, to be asked to the former NBA stand-out player and coach. One of Allen’s three questions made the cut and was posed to Collins, with his response to follow. Unfortunately the questions were submitted last week and pertained to the 2nd round of the NBA Playoffs instead of his recent announcement as the new Coach of the Philadelphia 76ers

Check out Allen’s question here:

From Allen at

After Carlos Boozer’s rather lackluster play in the Jazz’s 2nd round sweep at the hands of the Lakers, where he was blocked an amazing 8 times by LA’s long defenders, will his stock take a dip in the upcoming free agent market this Summer?

DC: I don’t think so, and I think the key thing there is you have to understand, the NBA game is a game of match ups and how does your team match up against the opponent? We talked about the Phoenix Suns earlier and the size of the Lakers, and what a difficult match up that was going to be for the Suns.

What you saw in Game #1 was Stoudemire mainly taking shot jump shots the entire night because it was tough for him to play in the lane against the size of the Los Angeles Lakers. So his game changed last night, he was a jump shooter. Carlos Boozer is an undersized power player so when he gets played by bigger players he’s forced to take jump shots and he does not have the opportunity in the paint that he has against a Denver, who had a smaller front line. With Carlos I’ve always felt like if you can play him with a bigger defender, you make him a jump shooter and you take away a lot of what the Utah Jazz does when they try to bash you and get the ball inside and get those high percentage shots in the lane. So I think when you look at Boozer against the Lakers, to me it’s like watching Amaze Stoudemire against the Lakers and how their size forces them to change their game.

To check out the entire Q&A With Doug Collins click here.

Thanks to the fine folks at, Doug Collins, and Scott Barrett.

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