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Ever Heard of a $25,000 Per Night Hotel Stay, Ballers?

Hardwood Suites Palms Las Vegas

December 9, 2009 – Dr. Anklesnap

If you are a visitor of, we assume you are a basketball fan. Therefore we have one simple question for you all. If you were to pay $25,000 a night for a hotel room (assuming any normal person actually has $25 large to spend on a hotel stay), what would that room look like?

I always wondered what it would be like to have the kind of money Michael Jordan does enabling me to have an indoor basketball court in my house. Therefore allowing me to shoot hoops whenever I damn well please. Morning, noon, or night. Well thanks to the Maloof Brothers (owners of the Sacramento Kings), they have made that dream possible on a nightly basis. Owners of the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, they have created a hotel suite called the ‘Hardwood Suite’ which you can rent for a measley $25,000 per night. Yes, you read that correctly, 25 THOUSAND!

Here is what the Palms has to say about what you will get for all that money spent:

Assemble your own Dream Team. Just like MTV did for the 2007 Video Music Awards when Justin Timberlake and Timbaland along with guests 50 Cent and T.I. raised the roof. This is the only suite in the world with an indoor basketball court. Covering 10,000 square feet on two floors, this party room features a basketball half-court, adjacent separate professional locker rooms with private access, scoreboard, pool table, full bar with lounge and room to dance. But wait, that’s not all. This suite wouldn’t be up to stature without three NBA-sized Murphy beds on the basketball court, NBA memorabilia, a large dining area, living/media room, iPod® Hi-Fi, Jacuzzi® tub, and 42″ plasma TVs. Plus, you can customize your stay with your very own team jerseys and cheerleaders on the sidelines. Game on!

The room for the night includes:

Basketball Half-Court
Professional Locker Room
Pool Table
Full Bar
2 Master Bedrooms
3 Extra-Large Murphy Beds on the Court
Extra-Large Jacuzzi Tub
Rotating Loveseat/Booth
Dining Area
Living/Media Room
PS2 ™
Plasma TVs
Superior Sound System
iPod® Hi-Fi
Creston Controlled TVs and Drapes
10,000 Sq. Feet
Capacity – 325

I must admit the setup is completely ‘baller’. But that’s not to say I would spend $25K of cold hard cash on one single night there, but somebody obviously has been. Well if after looking under your mattress and raiding the old piggy bank you still can’t seem to come up with $25,000, not to worry. We got you covered. It may not be the full experience, but check out the following pictures of the suite as this may be as close as you get to it. For a little while anyway.

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