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Top Candidates For a Breakout Season in 2010

Breakout NBA

September 24, 2009 – Matt Anaya

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To be a breakout player you either have to A.) Get a significant increase in minutes, B.) See an increased role in the offense, or C.) Remarkably improve your numbers.

If a team does not have any players on the verge of breaking out then they are a veteran laden team.

Atlanta Hawks
Marvin Williams was drafted ahead of Chris Paul and Deron Williams who have already broken out and last season Marvin took a step backwards. But, this off-season Marvin signed a lucrative long-term deal and the Hawks are counting on him to blossom this year.

Al Horford has not yet averaged a double double in his two-year career but this season he will average that double double and establish himself as a force down low.

Boston Celtics
Kendrick Perkins’ performance might be hindered by the arrival of Rasheed Wallace and the return of Kevin Garnett but his playoff performance (11ppg, 11rpg, 2bpg) should mean he sees an increased role and minutes.

Charlotte Bobcats
D.J. Augustin was all but named the starting PG of the Charlotte Bobcats if not this year than next as Raymond Felton was not signed to a long-term deal this off-season. Known as a scoring PG, Augustin can do a lot of things offensively and will see an increase in minutes this season.

Chicago Bulls
Ask yourself this: When will Derrick Rose average 20ppg, 10apg, 5rpg? Maybe this season.

Tyrus Thomas has shown flashes of brilliance and flashes of … uh … not so brilliant plays but one of these days he will turn into a double double with a couple bpg. Perhaps this season.

The Bulls invested a lot in Luol Deng and have received very little in return. He averaged 22ppg and nearly 9rpg two playoffs ago and the Bulls would love to see those numbers this regular season.

Joakim Noah can thank Kendrick Perkins for lighting a fire under him as the Celtic big bullied him the entire epic series. His playoff numbers were incredible and he should see an increase in production across the board.

Denver Nuggets

J.R. Smith will become Denver’s second leading scorer this season as Chauncey Billups’ role decreases. Smith is suspended the first seven games of the season but that wont stand in his way of averaging 20ppg this season.

Last season Carmelo Anthony averaged his lowest ppg since his second year in the NBA and this might be the season where he puts Denver on his back. He averaged 27ppg in last season’s playoffs and look for more of the same as Melo turns into a leader this year.

Detroit Pistons
Chris Wilcox was irrelevant last season as he only averaged 16mpg but this year he will average close to 30mpg and his numbers will go back to the respectable 13ppg and 7rpg they were a few years back.

Golden State Warriors
Anthony Randolph is everyone’s favorite sleeper pick this season and it is for good reason. He is still very young and raw but immensely talented and should see an increase in production across the board.

Houston Rockets
Aaron Brooks is a scoring PG and his numbers will increase with more minutes. He averaged 16ppg in the post season and might be able to reach that number this season.

Carl Landry will significantly benefit from the Yao Ming injury and will see an increase in production all across the board.

Trevor Ariza signed a lucrative long-term deal this off-season and he goes from role player to play maker in Houston.

Indianapolis Pacers
Brandon Rush averaged good minutes last season due to Mike Dunleavy’s injury and this season he should see similar minutes with better production.

Los Angeles Clippers
Eric Gordon will be Baron Davis’ Monta Ellis this season and he might average 20ppg as a 20 year old. His game is scary good.

Al Thornton will also benefit from a healthy and focused Baron Davis this season. Last season Thornton led the LAC in minutes and this season his production will increase while his mpg go down.

Los Angeles Lakers
Adam Morrison has had a dreadful NBA career and it can only go up … right? Phil Jackson will do everything he can to find a role for the talented sharp shooter and that might mean replacing the enigmatic Sasha Vujacic who has fallen out of favor.

Memphis Grizzlies
Mike Conley is a multi talented NBA PG and should become an All Star in no time. BUT this season he is playing with Allen Iverson and Zach Randolph and it will be interesting to see how the Grizzlies keep Conley from regressing with that motley crew. I still think he will progress even with those clowns.

Rudy Gay oddly took a step back last season but he should get back to the 20ppg even though the Grizzlies have The Answer, O.J. Mayo, and Zach Randolph.

Marc Gasol will most likely not see an increase in ppg next season but his numbers will increase in all other categories.

Miami Heat
Mario Chalmers has established himself as a solid starting PG for Miami and his numbers should increase all across the board.

Michael Beasley has had a rough summer but he will take his frustrations out on the court. He should have a great season and might average close to 20ppg and 8rpg like he did last April.

Minnesota Timberwolves
Ramon Sessions is finally a starting PG and will average career highs across the board.

Kevin Love is apart of a menacing frontcourt and last season will be the only year he does not average a double double.

Milwaukee Bucks
Hakim Warrick has seen limited minutes his entire career and this season he will be starting. He is primarily a scorer but everything should increase as he sees starter’s minutes this season.

Joe Alexander almost did nothing last season but he only averaged 12 mpg. This season should be different and he will likely double his minutes and production.

New Jersey Nets
Courtney Lee’s role will significantly increase, as he is the starting SG for the Nets. He can do a lot of things on the court and his expanded role will increase his minutes and production.

Yi Jianlian’s career has been full of hype and has gotten off to a slow start but this might be the year we have all been waiting for. Yi is talented and his mpg will increase this season and so will his production.

New Orleans Hornets
Julian Wright’s career has started slowly but the former lottery pick will average over 20mpg for the first time in his career and he should be a relevant NBA player also for the first time in his career.

New York Knicks
Danilo Gallinari can do a lot of things on the court and unlike last season he should start the season healthy. His minutes, production, and role will all increase and he should be starting by the end of the season, if he is not already at the beginning.

Orlando Magic
Ryan Anderson might have been a salary cap throw-in in the Vince Carter trade but the second year big man is talented and should be able to provide a nice impact off the Magic bench.

Philadelphia 76ers
Lou Williams increased his ppg last season but this year he will be the starting PG for the Sixers. He has averaged 2.4 apg for his career and that is not a good thing for Philly but Williams is super talented and his numbers and role will increase this season.

Rodney Carney was a late signing this off-season and is behind Jason Kapono and Willie Greene on the depth chart but he is much more talented than both. If all goes to (my) plan he will be starting by the end of the season and will see career highs across the board.

Marreese Speights will see more than 16mpg this season and will likely average close to 25mpg. The future of the Sixers frontcourt will start to blossom this season.

Phoenix Suns
Channing Frye came to Phoenix as a free agent to start and will see a significant increase in his numbers across the board.

Portland Trail Blazers
Nicolas Batum started 76 games last season but only averaged 18mpg. He might start again this season and he will likely see 25mpg and an increase in numbers across the board.

Martell Webster was injured for all but five minutes last season and Portland is waiting for the former sixth pick overall to materialize. If he can stay healthy he can average close to his career highs.

Greg Oden is ready to break out but his propensity to foul the opposition is holding him back. He only averaged 21mpg last season and if he can average close to 30mpg he will be a solid force in the middle.

Sacramento Kings
Francisco Garcia averaged career highs in nearly all categories last season and this year his numbers should only get better as his team gets better around him.

Spencer Hawes averaged nearly 30mpg last season and this year he will see more minutes, an increased role, and better production.

Jason Thompson was a rookie last season and put up good numbers at 11ppg and 7rpg. This season he will get more minutes and in those minutes he will be more productive.

Toronto Raptors
Marco Belinelli was stuck in the guard heavy rotation in Golden State last season and this year he will put much better numbers in a much better role. I think he will average more mpg than DeMar DeRozan.

Andrea Bargnani is ready to break out in a big way and this might be the season he does it. Toronto is primed for a great season and Il Mago (The Magician) is a major reason why.

Utah Jazz
Ronnie Brewer can do a lot of things on the court and as he matures his game will follow.

C.J. Miles started 72 games last season and this season he will likely see a larger role in the offense. Miles has been inconsistent in his career but will only be 23 years old in March.

Kosta Koufos will benefit if Carlos Boozer gets traded and is similar to Joe Alexander, as he will most likely double his rookie numbers.

Washington Wizards
Randy Foye should start for the Wizards this season and the only number that should decrease is his ppg. Everything else should increase, as the Wizards are very talented.

Andray Blatche nearly broke out last season but he should be even better this season with an increase in mpg.

Javale McGee benefited from Brendan Haywood’s injury last season but that does not mean his mpg will decrease. McGee is more talented than Haywood and only needs seasoning.

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