Tuesday 01st September 2015,
The Hoop Doctors

Summer Contest: Win an Autographed Chris Paul Jersey!

Contest Prize | Autographed Authentic Chris Paul Jersey

Any Chris Paul Fans in the House? Of course there are, right? CP3 is the best point guard in the game. The Hoop Doctors and Right Guard present the End of Summer 2009 Create-a-Caption Contest, where the winner receives an Authentic Autographed Chris Paul Away Jersey!

First off, The Hoop Doctors want to give a special thanks to Right Guard and Chris Paul for sponsoring the prize for this contest. Right Guard is also running a contest of their own right now where you can enter to win a trip for you and two of your friends to go play ball with Chris Paul himself. If you haven’t already entered that contest, don’t be foolish, get in on that one now because its only open for entry until August 30th. Check out the Right Guard Facebook Page for more details.

Back to our contest for the autographed CP3 jersey. We are gonna roll with another Create-a-Caption contest because they are tons of fun! Like all of The Hoop Doctor’s contests, they are free to enter and winning is easy! Just follow these two easy steps to enter:

1. If you haven’t already done so subscribe to our RSS Feed by either using the button on the top right of our website titled ‘news feed’ or subscribing by email using the email subscription box on the right sidebar titled “ENews & Updates”. All entrants must subscribe to our feed to be eligible to win. Not sure what RSS is? Check out our RSS help page here.(Do not forget to do this simple step, as in many of our previous contests there were a number of great caption entries from people who did not complete this, and they were therefore deemed ineligible for the prize!)

2. View this picture below and let us know what you think a funny caption would be. Use your imagination!! You can either submit your idea for a caption as a comment to this post, or you can email your funny caption to ([email protected]). If submitting a comment below, be sure to enter a valid email address that we can reach you at, so we can notify the winner and coordinate prize delivery at the conclusion of the contest. Enter now, don’t wait!

Chris Paul Contest

Alright folks, there is only 4 days to enter the contest. So leave your funny caption below. The contest deadline is Friday, August 28, 2009. Check The Hoop Doctors website on Monday, August 31, 2009 for our winner’s announcement.

By entering the sweepstakes you agree to release Sponsor, the NBA Entities, The Hoop Doctors and their respective affiliates and agencies from any and all liabilities for injuries, damages or losses of any kind to in connection with the sweepstakes, prize or any prize-related activity

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  • Teodoros Nefarioush

    Naw son, I aint Kobe…What do you mean we all look alike?

  • Teodoros Nefarioush

    Damn! This country smells worse than Peja after double overtime!

  • Tiel

    ‘So I guess I can’t ask them what THEIR favorite food is huh?’

  • Slavko

    Smile – more than words and one Right Guard

  • http://petemarasmitch.com Pete Marasmitch

    The author of “Where’s Waldo?” just isn’t putting in the effort anymore.

  • http://nappypencils.blogspot.com WillyFlaco

    I’d like to thank Dave Chappelle for lending me his sweatshop workers….Now back to work or i’ll burn..your FEET!!!! *tssssss*

  • http://nappypencils.blogspot.com WillyFlaco

    We would like to thank CP for lending us his personal chairs he used for those “hard” to reach places around the house.

  • BTran

    “Hey, I’m big in China!”

  • Pat

    Chris Paul: “Kids you want to play like me, than you gonna have to eat like me. Introducing Chris Paul’s “Supreme Dish”:

    # 1 Cup Heavy Cream
    # 8 Whole Eggs (cracked and slightly beaten)
    # 1/4 Cup of Sugar
    # 1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
    # 2 Dozen Doughnuts (broken in bite size chunks)
    # 1 Cup of White Chocolate Chips

    Follow this recipe and I promise you’ll be dropping dimes like me in no time.”

    doctor’s disclaimer: By using Chris Paul’s “Supreme Dish” you agree to the following terms. Chris Paul is not liable for any weight gain, or unpleasant odors that may arise by using above recipe.

  • Peter

    Chris Paul: “Chris Paul and Emeka Okafor are gonna be the NBA’s next “Kobe and Shaq”!”

    Chinese Reporters: “…Chris Paul?!?..Eme..?? Wait aren’t you Brett Farve?”

    Chris Paul: “…Ummm..no…hey kids when do I get to meet your parents Jon & Kate?”

  • Garrett Sisti

    Kids (with outta synced voices): CP3-ZILLA

    Chris Paul: Rrraaaawwwwrrrrr

  • http://nappypencils.blogspot.com WillyFlaco

    First Charlotte, then New Orleans, Oklahoma City was next, back to New Orleans now the newest, hottest, freshest destination for the Hornets: an elementary school playground in a small providence of China!!

  • MinJae

    Meanwhile, roaring cheers are heard nearby as thousands have gathered for welcoming parade in honor of Kobe.

  • MinJae

    “Class, here is Chris Paul.”

    “No, we want the Farmar look-alike in the background!!”

  • Chris Ahn

    Teacher: Class, this is a very very special basketball player, Chris Paul.
    Class: wow~ cool~
    One kid: I want to be just like Yao Ming when I grow up.
    Chris Paul: That’s awesome kids. Hey Teach~ What’s up with the one empty seat? Is he not back from recess?
    Teacher: Oh, that’s actually Wang zhizhi’s kid. He felt sick today.

  • ryan

    kids in front row: I thought NBA players were supposed to be tall.

    (whispers) i think there are two China men hiding inside that suit.

  • Wilson

    Chris Paul meets with the Hornet’s front office, which George Shinn outsourced.

  • Brick Tamlan

    Nothing responds to odor faster than Right Gaurd.
    No one responds to Mandarin slower than Chris Paul.

  • Nathan

    “Excuse me Mr. Tucker, when will you film Rush Hour 4 with Jackie Chan?”

  • Points in the Paint

    Chris: “Haaaaai! Aaaaay aaaaaam Chrrrrriiiiis Paaaaaawl! Niiiiiice tooooo meeeet yoooooo!”

    Teacher: Uh…Chris, they’re Chinese, not retarded.

  • Points in the Paint

    Chris: Hi. Sorry to interrupt your class, but I was on my way to the Great Wall, when I realized I lost the rest of my tour group at the tea house… *Flash bulbs go off* Uh, hi I’m Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets.

  • Points in the Paint

    Chinese officials asked for an NBA player who liked kids, guess who was the RIGHT GUARD for the job?

  • Points in the Paint

    Chris: “No kids, Dropping Dimes does not mean that Americans a careless with our money…”

  • siukong

    Student #1:
    Student #2: <“I’m telling you there’s a pop quiz. That’s gotta be the ‘special surprise’ Teacher was hinting at all last week.”

  • siukong

    Hmm … looks like my use of <‘s to indicate talking in chinese didn’t work very well. Student 1 is saying “so why are we skipping class today?”