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Greek Team ‘Olympiacos’ to Offer Allen Iverson $10 Million

August 4, 2009 – Dr. J-Water

I’m so very confused. Mind blowing. Entering Twilight Zone.

What the hell is going on in the NBA these days, when a player just half a season removed from being one of the Top 5 Scorers in this league cannot find a decent offer from an NBA franchise? So what if Allen Iverson had a terrible finish to the season with the Pistons last year. Does half a season negate all of the hustle this man has put in for the past decade plus? This guy is still one of the top talents in this league and can score buckets with the best of ’em.

Sure Allen Iverson cheats off his man to play the passing lanes. He IS a liability as an on the ball defender, but he takes off some of that edge with the huge amount of steals this man turns up game after game. So the guy isn’t the greatest defender in the league any more. There is no question in my mind that Allen Iverson, in the right system, is still one of the top offensive threats in this league.

Are you telling me that of the 30 NBA teams, not one of them figures they need some help offensively? How about Charlotte, Memphis, LA Clippers, Washington, Miami? All of which are bottom dwellers each of the past few years in the offensive categories. Then again those teams have some weak defense as well so they may not want to give up a lot in the other department with Iverson. I’m not buying it.

But what about the San Antonio Spurs? They are notoriously strong defensively, and almost as notoriously weak offensively. Wouldn’t Allen Iverson be the perfect fit for the Spurs? Especially this late stage in his career where Popovich seems get the most out of his aging superstars. The Spurs biggest weakness has always been offense, and when Manu Ginobili goes down as we saw last season, they may as well just throw in the towel on the offensive end of the floor.

Ah well, enough with the rant. The big news out of Europe this week is that the Greece Olympiacos are prepared to offer Allen Iverson a two year $10 million contract to come play for them. More and more these European teams seem ready to pounce on players that clearly but butts in seats that NBA franchises fail to sign in a timely manner.

So now the question is, will Allen Iverson take the $10 million and head overseas, or wait around hoping for an adequate NBA offer?

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  • The Painful Truth about A.I.

    Here’s a little secret: Allen Iverson is one of the most overrated players in NBA history. He is, without a doubt, an unbelievable athlete, and good at achieving impressive numbers in certain stats, but ultimately he is not valuable to the teams he plays for. He fails at the most important stat- impact on a team’s ability to win. Think it’s a fluke or coincidence that Denver became a stronger team with Chauncey, and Detroit dropped off the map with A.I.? Think again.

  • TheR3dMenace

    Iverson is not a winner. period. I can’t stand people who take the same position as this author. The guy needs 25+ shots a game to make his stat line, doesn’t play D, has a shitty attitude and isn’t getting any younger.

    People who think Iverson is an asset are supremely misguided. 30 NBA GMs can’t be wrong.

  • Danny J

    Dr. J Water is high.

    Has he not seen what Iverson has done to EVERY team that he’s been on since 2003? He’s a team killer. If he was capable and willing to play on a team, as a team member, he would have been playing for the Pistons last season.

    AND WHEN WAS HE THE BEST DEFENDER IN THE LEAGUE? He is a huge defensive liability and any coach with a guard who can post can take full advantage of him on nearly every possession.

    Lastly, has DR J Water been in the woods for two months? How did he miss the Richard Jefferson acquisition? Does he help the Spurs on the offensive end?

  • This is Greek for ‘Pass me the damn ball!’

    Pass ????? the ?????????? ?????

  • Doh. Guess your site doesn’t support Greek.

  • @painful truth – It’s all about systems in the NBA. Denver was a perfect system for Chauncey and yes they were much better with Billups controlling the tempo. But the Pistons weren’t winning with Chauncey either, the Pistons lack of success with Iverson had as much to do with the system and Michael Curry’s inability to change or budge as it did with Iversons poor shooting performances. I’ve said it many times before that Iverson needs to be in an uptempo offense with the freedom to create to really take advantage of his talents. P.S. the Nuggets won 50 games with Iverson in 2008 and won 54 in 2009 with Chauncey. I’m willing to admit they were a much more legitimate contender with Billups given his ability to control tempo, but they weren’t THAT much better.

    @TheR3DMenace – Iverson is not a winner? Is that a fact? You might want to check some stats before just making ridiculous statements. He certainly is a winner. Forget wins and losses, how many star players in this league have been to the NBA Finals? Not as many as you might think. Certainly none with less talent for teammates as when Iverson’s Sixers were in the Finals.

    @Danny J – How quickly people forget. He’s a team killer? How then did the Nuggets make the big turnaround after the Iverson trade and still win 45 games in 06-07? How about a 50 win season in 07-08, which was a franchise high? That’s killing a team? More like making them a success. P.S. the best defender in the league comment I thought was obvious sarcasm. Sorry if the tone was off.

    P.S. If RJ and Iverson played the same position, I may have made mention. I didn’t see how it relates. RJ is a good all around player that will certainly be a successful addition to the Spurs. They still need help offensively.

  • nicco

    Iverson’s stats are significantly less impressive when you conisder that he sometimes leads the NBA in minutes played, and it is true that he has been a burden to Denver and Detroit, but I would think that there are enough franchises in the NBA who really don’t care about winning that they would not mind havinng a four time scoring champion on their team.

    That said, I do not know what medicine this doctor is on if he thinks that the Spurs need or want Iverson when they have Parker. Iverson don’t come off the bench remember? He could start at SG but who is six-foot-nothing Iverson going to guard with Bowen possibly defending the opposing team’s SG and Parker defending the PG?

  • nicco

    To underline, my last point, consider that SA’s only peer in the league is LA and to beat LA in the playoffs you are going to have go through Bryant and Bryant will shot right over Iverson.

    J-Water: “I’m willing to admit they were a much more legitimate contender with Billups given his ability to control tempo, but they weren’t THAT much better.”

    Well, Billups also brings a certain amount of temperament and leadership to a team some have labeled the “Thuggets.” And however slight the difference in regular season game wins are, the fact is that the Nuggets don’t make it to the Conference Finals without Billups–let alone past the first round.

    Look, I like Iverson–I really do–proficient ball handler and scorer he is but a leader he is not.

  • This Iverson was a great player:

    The current Iverson is a liability.

  • I’d hate it if Iverson went overseas to finish his career. Clippers! Hurry up and sign him already!

    J-Water, Spurs is a good idea, too. Not sure Pop would tolerate his allergy to on-ball defense though.

  • Sturdevant

    The Bobcats didn’t have a “weak defense” if I recall.

  • Hakim

    The year in Detroit was an abberation. The fate of Detroit was sealed when Dumars hired Michael Curry as the coach. Detroit loss as a team, as a result of poor coaching. Detroit tried to play a half court offense with an aging Antonio McDyess and Rasheed Wallace. Iverson numbers dropped because less plays were drawn up for him which resulted in less scoring opportunities.
    Iverson in Denver was a good thing. The four game improvement wasn’t based solely on Billups, but a healthy Nene and the addition of the Chris Anderson.
    Denver faced the Lakers in the first round in 07-08 which resulted in a first round exit. Denver faced the New Orleans Hornets 08-09 and advanced to the second round.
    The fans in Denver loved Iverson. He played his heart out every night and the 50 games they won was a franchise high.
    Iverson has played against taller players most of his career, that hasn’t stopped him from out playing ninety-nine percent of them. Yes he is vulnerable on defense, but his ability to draw fouls from the opposing SG usually lands the guys that attempt to guard him on the bench.
    He should be signed and starting for an NBA team. He’s one of the best and most fearless players to take the court in the last ten years.
    In conclusion, His passion and desire to play is unmatched. The assertion that he has a bad attitude, is not a team player, and has lost a step are all misnomers and propaganda. If you’re more than a casual observer of professional basketball, you’ll see that this has nothing to do with his ability and everything to do with the public image of Iverson which was shaped by a 5-second soundbite regarding practice. Having studied journalism, I know first hand that reporters are taught how to formulate question to elicit a certain response.
    No, Iverson is not perfect, but he’s far from the “bad guy,” that the media has portrayed him as.