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46 Year Old Michael Jordan Schools Slamball Star Chris Young

August 17, 2009 – Dr. Anklesnap

We’ve been accused by some readers of being bias towards the G.O.A.T., aka Michael Jordan. I can’t speak on behalf of our other writers, but for me personally those readers would be correct. Of course we love MJ. We can recognize and appreciate greatness can’t we? What’s wrong with that?

Well to add to our MJ loving styles, here is a video you might enjoy that shows you even at the ripe old age of 46, MJ still has it. Jordan recently was filmed playing some one-on-one with Slamball Star Chris “The Ghetto Bird” Young. As you can see in the footage Jordan is not exactly wearing his workout gear, but jeans can’t stop the G.O.A.T. from showing this young baller what’s what. MJ still has that patented turnaround fade away perfected. CASH.

(Shout out to SLAM MAG for the Video)



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  • MJFan23

    YEAH! He’s still got it. C’mon he’s the best of all time. I’m sure he works out everyday (inbetween rounds of golf of course) and keeps in good shape. I wouldn’t say he has the ability to be DOMINATE anymore, but he shows enough saavy to hang with some younger guys. I just picked up his old UNC jersey here for free:

    Better believe I’ll be wearing that. That shot to win the Final 4 against Georgetown is CLASSIC.

  • Video Junkie

    the old man still got game !

  • Mike O.

    Thanks for posting this. It shows me that Jordan still loves the game, you don’t sink jumpers like that if you stop being active at it.

    It falls into the the same genre as Nicklaus winning a major in his 40s and Watson coming close in his 50s. They love the game.

  • G.O.A.T.

    Shit was SOOOO Cash!

  • Eugene Lee

    MJ: Simply the Best

  • jd walsh

    don’t mess with mike! @jdbasketball

  • B-Dag

    He stole that move from Kobe

  • King of Rome

    This title really puzzled me! But not bad!

  • Assist

    The best turn around jumper of all time!!!

  • BBlaze

    MJ the g.o.a.t he still has it.

  • poker rakeback

    My favorite Michael Jordan moment was the shot he hit against the Utah Jazz in the NBA Finals to close out the series and win his 6th title. He pushed Russell out of the way, swished the jumper, and then left his hand dangling in the air.

  • vzwpix

    I was impressed that every single shot he sank was nothing but net, even the backwards dunk.

  • MJ fan
  • MJ fan