Monday 18th December 2017,
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Video of the Day: Highlight Mixin’ Kobe Bryant and Lil’ Wayne

Kobe Bryant Lil' Wayne

June 6, 2009 – Dr. Anklesnap

Spike Lee knows Kobe Bryant is doin’ work, but he’s not the only one. Lil’ Wayne clearly knows Kobe is doin’ work as he released a new song about the Black Mamba this week. Hell, it’s fairly obvious the way the Lakers dominated the Magic in Game 1 of the NBA Finals that everyone must know Kobe is doin’ work.

But a couple of The Hoop Doctors readers not only know that Kobe is doin’ work, they are putting in a little work of their own on the subject. Stanford students Abteen Bagheri-Fard & Jay Kilachand, put together a Kobe Bryant highlight mix to Lil’ Wayne’s new track that is guaranteed to get you off your seat. This mix of new highlights and super old school Bryant clips will have you jonesin’ for Game 2. Enjoy folks:

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  • Ryan

    This is hot.

  • Bmoney

    The only thing better than Kobe Bryant is Lil’ Wayne rapping about Kobe Bryant.

  • Freakin’ amazing. Well done guys!

  • Devon

    This ia a great kobe mix. These two guys have skills. Maybe they could do up an MJ tribute next?


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