Wednesday 24th January 2018,
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Top 10 NBA-Celebrity Look-a-likes

NBA Look-a-likes

Dr. J-Water

While watching the Boston Celtics-Orlando Magic playoff series recently, a friend of mine said to me, ‘Hey man, you notice how much Brian Scalabrine looks like Michael Rappaport, but not as cool’. I told him I thought he was crazy, that aside from the reddish hair they didn’t look much alike. From there, the conversation led to a full blown competition between the two of us to try and name NBA players who look a lot like some celebrity or another. Sadly, this is how we amuse ourselves during time outs, commercial breaks, and half-time. But to ensure our useless conversation didn’t go to waste, I thought I better put together what I thought were the Top 10 NBA-Celebrity Look-a-likes from that day for your enjoyment:

10. Rodney Stuckey, 50-Cent

9. Kevin Eubanks, Chucky Atkins

8. Kirk Hinrich, Jason Biggs

7. Corey Maggette, Xzibit

6. Sebastian Telfair, Phil Ivey

5. Pharrell Williams, Caron Butler

4. Method Man, Kenyon Martin

3. Toni Kukoc, Hugh Jackman

2. Manu Ginobili, Bronson Pinchot

1. Stan Van Gundy, Ron Jeremy

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  • June Stone

    You didn’t put Luis Scola of the Houston Rockets and Russel Brand.


    Luke Ridnour / Rob Thomas

    Jermareo Davidson / Dave Chapelle

    Robert Swift / Rocky Dennis

    Ronald Dupree / J.B. Smoove

    Rajon Rondo / Earthworm Jim

    Flip Murray / Owen Smith

    Bonus: Brendan Haywood’s nostrils / Patrick Ewing’s nostrils

  • I also like the Scalabrine/Screech comparison. Great stuff!

  • Teasastips

    These are dead on!!!

  • Sheesh… cannot BELIEVE you missed Ronny Turiaf & Predator…

    But nice work guys…

  • asiu

    Where’s the obvious Shannon Brown and Chris Brown?!

  • leo mcqueen

    wat about q45 from bet rap city and gilbert arenas

  • Andrew

    Or Sasha Vujacic and Russell Brand…

  • g

    the Game and Josh Smith

  • Frank Franklin

    Trevor Ariza & Chance (from “I Love New York” and “Real Chance of Love” fame). I know he’s not really a “celebrity” but the resemblance is uncanny.

    Also, sticking with the reality tv theme, Ben Roethlisberger and Jason from Laguna Beach & The Hills.

  • Mark

    Obviously Robert Horry/Will Smith
    Rick Adelman/Young Colonel Sanders
    Sasha Vujacic/mini Luis Scola

  • Ape

    Usama Bin Laden / Scottie Pippen……..

  • PeterT

    Rashard Lewis: TI

  • CeeCee

    How could you have slept on Donyell Marshall/Ludacris?
    or Kyle Korver/Aston Kutcher?

  • mico

    deven brown and usher!

  • alonso

    Mike bibby and dr. evil

  • mavic

    Nice list. I got something similar going on at NBA look alikes.

  • Marvic

    An NBA lookalike list without Sam Cassell-Alien from E.T. and Tyrone Hill-Donkey from Shrek is not credible

  • Caleb

    How could you forget shannon brown and chris brown.

  • lolwtf

    mike miller and steve-o from jackass

  • wow

    Marco Bellineli and Silvester Stalone

  • UNdisputedAnus

    so obvious Aaron Brooks and Chris Rock

  • Goodguy

    Rajon Rondo and the alien from the movie “Signs”.

  • peter

    korver to ashton kutcher????????

  • Goodbuoy

    Blake Griffin and Hanamichi Sakuragi?

  • bjkm

    what about Andrew Bynum and  Tracy Morgan???

  • Jay Electronica/Michael Peitrus

  • ak47

    hahahahahahahahha stan van gundy and ron jeremy

  • Anooooooooooooooo

    Chris Bosh and a Velociraptor.

  • XincontriAdulti.It

    Awesome post! Thank you.

  • Zmoney

    Jake gyllenhaal/nick collison

  • Grant Watson

    not to be a dick or anything but The Game and Josh Smith look almost identical. Do some research bud

  • anonymous

    How about Jeff Van Gundy and the crypt keeper? Those two are twins separated at birth.

  • Mega Thingz

    50 inch vertical – Secrets to jumping higher… –

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