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Make Sweet Music with Michael Jordan’s Gibson Guitar

May 17, 2009 – Dr. Browntorious

Any Chicago Bulls or Michael Jordan collectors out there? Well if so, you won’t want to miss getting a bid in on Michael Jordan’s own, one of a kind, Gibson Les Paul guitar for sale on eBay. Apparently Gibson decided to make these Chicago Bulls signature guitars for each of the Chicago Bulls players. But what makes MJ’s guitar a one of a kind then? It’s his jersey number being used as a serial number (CHI 23) + his airness signed the front during the short time he owned it. For some reason Bill Wennington is the only Bulls player I can picture actually rocking out with these guitars on a regular basis.

Oh there is just one catch fans, bids are starting at $10,000 with a deadline of May 21st….

(H/T – By the Horns via Mouthpiece Sports)

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