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7-Year Old Gina Marie Incandela’s National Anthem is ‘Magic’

May 28, 2009 – Dr. Anklesnap

So i’m reading J.E. Skeet’s Yahoo basketball blog ‘Ball Don’t Lie’ yesterday, and I catch this video of a 7-year old autistic girl named Gina Marie Incandela singing the national anthem at an Orlando Magic game during their playoff series against the Boston Celtics. Talk about inspiration. This little girl has the type of powerful voice you would expect to be coming out of someone at least 3 times her age, and about 3 times her body weight at least.

Gina Marie was diagnosed with autism just before the age of 2. She could not even speak until she was 3 years old and now at age 7 she is singing National Anthems at professional sports games and concerts across the country. Her parents sent her to a school for kids with special needs as she had trouble forming words when attempting to speak. But her teachers at the school used music to help her with her language skills. I bet they had no idea what gift Gina had in store for them.

As for the Orlando Magic, it seems they are 4-0 now in games where Gina sings the national anthem. Maybe Rashard Lewis can donate some of his huge salary to Gina to become part of their official roster?

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  • Samantha Skhir

    I’m a high school sophomore studying college Psychology, and from what I studied, and from what my mom has already educated me on, autism is extremely difficult to overcome. Not only does it cause a problem speaking, but it’s also a social disorder. People who commented negatively on this probably don’t understand how hard it is to train a child to overcome such a disorder.

    Gina, you are a miraculous child. You brought tears to my eyes and you made my heart melt thinking of how hard is must have been for you to stand in front of that crowd and sing like you did.

    You will always stay in my memory as an inspiration that impossibilities and miracles can happen. I’m so proud of you and all of the other children that have overcome Autism.

  • Marica

    Goose bumps on top of goose bumps.. This child is amazing… What a special gift. Can’t wait to share this with others.

  • dude

    Well, she developed a strong enough voice early and learned to sing this well, but really it wasn’t that great. Maybe she could improve and become a really good singer given another 7 years. That would still be astounding at 14. So, who knows? But, being precocious is something that we attribute to the young by definition and usually does not last long. Though, I don’t know what affect being autistic might have. I didn’t even listen to the whole thing. But I’m one dude. I guess it worked for many of you.

  • Brandon F.

    I was just thinking to myself about how tired the national anthem has become..from watching the Yankess Yahoo news clip today, then I found myself enjoying this fantastic version by such a little girl. She certainly isn’t old enough to truly understand the meaning even if her parents/teachers explained it to her..but it’s powerful enough to convince you otherwise.

  • cynthia

    Brandon F. is right. The little girl got a powerful voice that is more than enough to convince.
    She hits the high notes as well as the right tone of the anthem…
    Amazing Girl!!!


  • Jan Bujwit

    What a darling child. She looks a lot like my granddaughter did at that age and yes, I cried like a baby too. What a great story and wonderful ending to such a stuggle she must have had and her parents too. God Bless them all.

  • Lynda

    That baby girl is truly gifted!

  • Lisa

    Reminds me of Christina Aguileira (sp?) as a child. However, someone should really work with her on pronouncing the words properly.

  • fackie fabricatore

    I got goosebumps when gina sang that song,because i have a autistic daughter who is fifteen and loves to sing to what a inspiration she is to others.GOD BLESS YOU GINA.

  • Tia

    Gina Marie… you made every damn one of us proud!!! You kicked that songs ass!!! You go girl!!

  • Rachel

    Gina you are amazing! i love you! don’t listen to those people that made negative comments.

  • valerie nemer

    gina, you’ re great. Music will take you to great places. Keep up the singing. Don’t let anyone ever knock you down.

  • Starla

    Wow! My son is 10 and has autisum, when I listened he came and stood beside me and wanted me to play it over and over. She is good, my son can not say many words, but he knows what sounds great, it did bring tears to my eyes. Her heart is really in the song. What a doll!

  • cjb

    omg!!! she almost made me cry !!! great job

  • Rog

    She’s amazing. I always enjoy hearing children sing. There’s something about the magic in their little voices, the innocence, the not being a star and putting on an image. It’s usually pure and from the heart.

    Not to take one thing away from her, but has anyone reading these comments heard of Connie Talbot? If not, click or copy and paste the link and listen, you are in for a treat. I am in no way associated with her, just amazed by her singing. I ran across this little girl sometime last year and was completely blown away at the talent, the power and vocal range in her little voice.

    She was on Britain’s Got Talent. Even Simon was Impressed. Check them all three out here but she has more too.


    The first link is her singing Dolly’s – I will Always Love You

    The second is her singing Michael Jackson’s – Ben

    And last is her singing – Somewhere Over The Rainbow

  • EDDY

    God bless her……..and God bless America

  • Celine

    Yes, indeed, this is the HOME OF THE BRAVE!!!!! Thank you for that beautiful song by 7 yr. old Gina Marie Incandela. This is NOT a “nation of cowards” as 58 yr. old Atty. General Eric Holder described the American people [2/18/09 speech at the Justice Dept.]. What a disgusting and insulting remark to the people of this nation where many have bravely sacrificed their lives for so many even for Eric Holder himself.

  • Lettie

    A truly gifted and beutiful child. It made me cry. The innosense and beauty of this little girl is ingedible.

    • Lettie

      @Lettie, a correction, I meant incredible.

  • Art Staehling

    That little young lady has an incredible voice. I have a daughter with Autism and the more I am around children with special needs there always seems to be some gift that just needs to be discovered. Please give people with special needs a chance. Most of the time they are aware that they are different and just want a chance like the rest of us.

  • denise s

    I cryed when I heard her sing– and I didn’t know there was anything wrong with her–That child can sing- just think what would happen if she had some music behind her. A young Edith Piaf— that child is great.

  • Hollywood

    She is cute but I am sorry that did not give me goose bumps or anything close. Some of the notes she hit were horrible. I am a vocal coach so maybe my job makes me a little more judgemental but I would not want to hear that again. She has amazing potential and I am sure she will be one hell of a singer someday but as for right now it was only cute because she is 7.

  • Carol

    Heaven sent

  • xrumer services

    Very happy for Gina. . she did a good job, t4p!

  • vzw

    Did anyone else get goosebumps or could it just be that I have a daughter around that age, too?

  • Vee

    I have heard the National Anthem sang a few times. But this time around I broke out in tears. Hearing that beautiful and amazing voice and not to mention how it was heart sung. It just brought me to my knees. I thank God that he gaves us so many Brave Soliders to fight for our freedom. May God Bless each and one of you that made it through and those who will not be forgotten. I personally thank you from the bottom of my heart.