Thursday 18th December 2014,
The Hoop Doctors


Top 5 Videos

The Hoop Doctors are putting the challenge on you, the fans, to make this section the most comprehensive listing of dime dropping, rim rattling, paint protecting, “can you believe what you just saw?”, eye-poppin’ basketball videos.

The Hoop Doctors: TOP 5’s

Top 5 Most Prescribed Dunks of All Time:

Top 5 ‘Must-See’ Send Outs:

Top 5 Dimes ever from some of the great facilitators:

Top 5 Ankle-breakin’ Crossovers of All Time:

It took The Hoop Doctors countless hours, many heated debates, and a broken hand (no joke) to come to a consensus on the kick off listing of our Top 5’s. Please view our choices with the knowledge that you are the real experts, the real “Hoop Doctors”. Send us your links to video’s ( ) that will blow our minds, and we may consider changing our choices for the Top 5’s.