Monday 25th March 2019,
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Rondo: I am Ready to Help Lonzo as Much as Possible

Rondo: I am Ready to Help Lonzo as Much as Possible


The Lakers made a flurry of eyebrow raising moves this summer after landing the big fish in free agency in LeBron James, one of those was signing Rajon Rondo.

While not being viewed as being an elite point guard anymore like he was during his time in Boston and being infamous for ornery and basically a mystery to figure out, Rondo can still be an elite point guard when it comes to running an offense and making his teammates better when he is motivated.

The reason the move was interesting for the Lakers was the fact that they already have a young play-making stud of a point guard who brings a similar skill set to Rondo: Lonzo Ball.

So will the cocky young point guard and the enigma that is Rajon Rondo clash as they compete for the right to be LeBron James’s running mate? According to Rondo, apparently not…

There is no denying a mild-mannered and open to being a mentor version of Rajon will do wonders for Ball’s development this season and his knowledge of the game, but I have a hard time believing that the competitiveness and fire in Rondo won’t cause him to try and take Ball’s role as the team’s starting point guard as he should.

There are going to be plenty of teams that will be can’t miss television this season, but with all of the personalities that exist on this Lakers team with LeBron James at the helm, none will be more interesting than the Lakers.

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