Friday 19th April 2019,
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Stephen Curry Seems Unconcerned with LeBron James Joining Los Angeles Lakers

Stephen Curry Seems Unconcerned with LeBron James Joining Los Angeles Lakers

Steph Curry

Most of the NBA world has been on tilt since LeBron James left the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Los Angeles Lakers. Stephen Curry does not count himself among those who are especially concerned with the four-time MVP’s latest relocation.

As he told USA Today‘s Sam Amick:

There’s a lot that’s been made about the competition in the West and his eight straight Finals appearances and all that, but that just makes everybody raise the antenna up a little bit—including us. It’s going to be fun for fans, playing [more] in the regular season and who knows in the playoffs. So the West obviously got stronger with LeBron but you’ve still got to beat us.

Could Curry really be more correct?

James was barely a threat to the Golden State Warriors while with the Cavaliers. And now he’s up and joined a Lakers team that both plays in a tougher conference and isn’t equipped with nearly as much established veteran talent.

Besides, even if Paul George had followed LeBron, even if a Kawhi Leonard trade still goes down, the Warriors remain the champs. Not just that, but they’re a dynasty. They’ve won three titles in four years. They have five top-20 players on their roster if you count DeMarcus Cousins. Certain teams—not all of them, but a select few—are clearly planning their rebuilding timelines around them.

So, yeah, Curry and the Warriors shouldn’t be worried about LeBron’s Lakers. Not yet. And most definitely not more than they’re worried about the Houston Rockets or Boston Celtics.

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