Saturday 23rd March 2019,
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Eastern Conference Playoff Field Officially Set

Eastern Conference Playoff Field Officially Set

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With the 76ers 115-108 victory over the Pistons on Wednesday night, the Pistons were officially eliminated from postseason contention.

This means that your eight playoff teams in the eastern conference are set: Raptors, Celtics, Cavaliers, 76ers, Pacers, Heat, Wizards, Bucks.

Here are the 1st round playoff match-ups as of April 4:

(1) Raptors vs (8) Bucks
(4) 76ers vs (5) Pacers
(3) Cavaliers vs (6) Heat
(2) Celtics vs (7) Wizards

The Raptors are all but locked into the No. 1 seed after their win at home over the Celtics on Wednesday night, giving them a three game lead over the Celtics with four games left.

The Celtics are locked in at No. 2, the Cavaliers and 76ers are tied for the No. 3 seed with four games remaining, the Pacers are all but locked in at No. 5, and the Heat, Wizards and Bucks are within a half game for No. 6, No. 7 and No. 8.

With Kyrie Irving and Joel Embiid likely to miss a large portion of the 1st round, they will likely be the most vulnerable for an upset and the most ideal opponents for a team in the bottom four.

Will anyone be able to dethrone LeBron James in the eastern conference? We will find out in the next few months.

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