Saturday 23rd March 2019,
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Blake Griffin Throws Shade at Clippers

Blake Griffin Throws Shade at Clippers

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We are only a few months removed from the breakup that was Blake Griffin and the Los Angeles Clippers.

They were together for nine years so a breakup can be hard after that long of a relationship, especially with all of the ups and downs they faced.

Because of that you can expect the partner who was essentially broken up with, not long after the engagement as we’ll call it with Griffin’s five-year, $175 million extension this summer, to be a little bitter.

Griffin displayed that in his comments on Tuesday.

Here is what he told Marc J. Spears of ESPN’s The Undefeated:

“I haven’t put much thought into it, to be honest,” he said. “I’ve been so focused on making this transition and [adjusting] to this change that I haven’t put that much thought into it. I never want to be in a place where I’m not wanted. Coming here made me realize what a franchise looks like.”

Ah yes the classic “I’m over it” while making it obvious that you are not with a not so subtle dig comment.

Griffin of course gets more open about his hurt feelings and resentment with the Clippers decision to trade him later in the interview:

“You always hear guys say that, ‘Basketball is a business,’ and all that,” Griffin said. “It’s so much different when you have had a relationship with a certain amount of people for so long and been at a place for so long. Someone always promises you this is what we are doing and six months later…”

“It shows people’s true colors. Other than that, at the end of the day, you have to realize it’s a business.”

I can’t blame Griffin for having the emotions about the situation that he does, it is natural human nature, but from an outsider’s perspective the Clippers made the best decision possible to re-sign him and then trade him for value and not lose him for nothing.

While the Clippers organization clearly has its issues, the Pistons aren’t exactly the model franchise at this point either.

We will pour out some more liquor for the Lob City era of Clippers basketball though…

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