Tuesday 22nd January 2019,
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Hawks Expect to Deal Belinelli Before Deadline

Hawks Expect to Deal Belinelli Before Deadline


The Hawks are in a full tear down, rebuild and tank mode. This means they have little use for veteran role players such as Marco Belinelli.

The 31-year-old sharpshooter has been on the block the last few weeks as the Hawks try to deal him to a contending team in need of some more depth and shooting in exchange for what one would assume is a pick or a young, cheap player.

The Hawks sat out Bellinelli in their win over the Grizzlies on Tuesday night, does that mean he is guaranteed to be dealt by Thursday afternoon?

Here is what Marc Stein of the New York Times said:

He is on a very affordable expiring contract of $6.6 million per season and is a secondary ball handler that is also one of the better catch-and-shoot guards off the bench in the NBA, all of that equates to having trade value for a team looking to make a playoff run.

He will likely be dealt for a 2nd round pick or a 1st round pick and a bad contract. The Hawks would be wise to stick with their current plan to not take on any salary though as they could have the most cap space of about anyone this summer if they are able to move Kent Bazemore as well.

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