Saturday 15th December 2018,
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Warriors Shot The Lights Out…Literally

Warriors Shot The Lights Out…Literally


The recent era of Golden State Warriors basketball has produced the greatest long-range shooting team in NBA history.

The Warriors possess two of the greatest shooters in NBA history in Steph Curry (greatest shooter of all-time, no debate) and Klay Thompson, and one of the greatest pure scorers in NBA history in Kevin Durant.

The commonly used sports cliche: “They can shoot the lights out” has probably been used approximately 100,000 times to describe this team and apparently, they actually accomplished the feat and kept shooting during the final 15 minutes of their shoot-around in Miami on Sunday…

Here is an excerpt from an AP story:

“The last 15 minutes or so of the Warriors’ game-day shootaround practice in Miami on Sunday went on despite all the lights in the arena’s bowl being out . Some of the lights on the concourse were visible, but the floor was dark.

Undeterred, the Warriors kept shooting. And because they’re the Warriors, they made plenty.

“That is a first,” Warriors guard Stephen Curry said. “Nice little, I guess, test of muscle memory. You can somewhat see the rim, know where you are on the floor, but it’s kind of a different experience because you don’t get it every day. So that’s pretty cool.”

The lights went out toward the end of the session, when coach Steve Kerr was addressing reporters and the Warriors were doing shooting drills mainly from the 3-point line. Some of the Warriors yelled in mock anger. There was at least one stretch where a group on one end of the court made eight 3-pointers in a row despite the challenged visibility.

The power didn’t fail: The Warriors’ sound system kept working, blaring Miami-centric tunes like Gloria Estefan’s “Conga” and Trick Daddy’s “Take It To Da House.”

“You need your eyes to be able to get a sense of perception,” Curry said. “But you don’t necessarily need to see the rim in HD, full, spotlight-type situation to knock it down.”

Shocker, the Warriors kept hitting. They followed up their lights out performance with another one (not literally) in a 123-95 dismantling of the Heat on Sunday night.

The Heat did their shoot-around on the upstairs court in their home arena Sunday morning and were unaware of the minor power outage for the Warriors, didn’t seem to be a gamesmanship thing, probably because everyone knows even cutting the lights can’t stop the Warriors from burning up the nets.

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