Thursday 17th January 2019,
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Popovich on Why NBA Players, Coaches Should Give Back “Because We Are Rich as Hell”

Popovich on Why NBA Players, Coaches Should Give Back “Because We Are Rich as Hell”

Gregg Popovich

Gregg Popovich always keeps it 100, as the kids say (do they still say that?). He also has no problem speaking his mind about an issue with his team, the NBA in general, or even society and politics.

He is a very intelligent human being and an all-time great coach. He can be a very engaging interview at times, when he decides to be.

Like any other athlete, coach or personnel team member in professional sports to share their opinions on political matters and issues outside of sports (he is always on the money in my opinion), Popovich has dealt with backlash from some who ask him to stick to sports, but that has never stopped him before if he is passionate about a subject. He is also knowledgeable from being a former Air Force member who was involved with intelligence gathering during the Cold War era.

He shared his feelings on it being a necessity for players to use their wealth and free time to give back to the community, when speaking to reporters on Tuesday:

I’ll try not to insert too much of my own opinions here about government’s role in general to help aid those in need, but it is great to hear Popovich extolling this not only in society but in the context of the world of the NBA, where most players and personnel are far more wealthy than the majority of society, and in doing so, generated some laughs.

Gregg Popovich is a gift to the game of basketball.

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