Saturday 15th December 2018,
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Michael Beasley Gets MVP Chants at MSG

Michael Beasley Gets MVP Chants at MSG

Michael Beasley

Yes you read that right, we live in a world where Michael Beasley received MVP chants in Madison Square Garden in 2017.

Beasley, the former No. 2 pick of the 2008 NBA Draft that has spent his professional career more as a vagabond than a superstar, but who has played really well as of late with increased opportunity and exploded for 32 points and 12 rebounds in the Knicks 102-93 win over the Celtics in Madison Square Garden last night.

He had the crowd stirring enough to start a real and audible MVP chant! (partially in jest I am sure)…

I know that the chant has been watered down because of guys the caliber of Kemba Walker (sorry Kemba all love) receive it every February and March, but it is still jarring and mesmerizing to hear it for Beasley and in the Garden no less.

Beasley was feeling himself after the game as well apparently:

Michael Beasley was the superstar many people were imagining a decade ago, if only for a night…

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