Thursday 18th October 2018,
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Did LaVar Ball Tweet a Gif of Him Dunking on Donald Trump? Why Yes, Yes He Did

Did LaVar Ball Tweet a Gif of Him Dunking on Donald Trump? Why Yes, Yes He Did

LaVar Ball

LaVar Ball has taken his rivalry with Donald Trump to a new level.

Because, yes, this little beef apparently has another level.

A quick recap: LaVar made some waves with POTUS by refusing to thank him for whatever role he played in helping get LiAngelo Ball and two UCLA teammates out of China after they were detained for shoplifting while on a school-sanctioned trip. Since then, LaVar has talked about how he would send Trump a fresh pair of ZO2s, so he would calm down. Then, after that, he said he followed through, shipping POTUS some kicks. No word yet on whether the shoes have reached the United States’ OLIC (Oompa Loompa in Charge).

That brings us to Thursday afternoon/evening, when LaVar tweeted out the following:

I shouldn’t find this hysterical, and yet, I do. Because it is hysterical.

Say what you will about LaVar, his intentions, and how he’s handling Lonzo Ball’s entry into the NBA, along with the futures of LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball. But he clearly knows how to use the platform we’ve given to him. And, yes, we’ve given it to him—this site included. We talk about him, because he’s a vibrant and obnoxious personality. He’s polarizing. He says outlandish things and convinces us that he means them. That he’s now opted to troll the leader of the (not-so-)free world has only boosted his status even further.

Some consider LaVar Ball a sideshow. Some think he’s detrimental. Some think he’s harmless. Some think he’s an under-the-radar genius. Some like to point how he’s involved in his kids’ lives at all, something those from certain households—such as yours truly—never experienced on the father front.

Maybe he’s all these things to some extent. But right here, right now, with this tweet, LaVar Ball merely a social media legend—the opposing troll that Trump deserves.

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