Tuesday 18th December 2018,
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What Did Paul George Get Russell Westbrook for His Birthday? ‘I Got Him 37 (Points)’

What Did Paul George Get Russell Westbrook for His Birthday? ‘I Got Him 37 (Points)’


Paul George is so thoughtful.

The Oklahoma City Thunder rocked the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday night, winning 112-99 on what happened to be Russell Westbrook’s birthday. Afterward, Paul George was naturally asked whether he got his point guard anything for the occasion. And his answer was epic, per the Norman Transcript‘s Fred Katz:

Well, this wins.

Sure, it would have been nice if George gave Westbrook a gift certificate to a circus gift shop, so that he could buy some more pregame outfits. But the reigning MVP will take 37 points. The Thunder needed Sunday’s win. It brings them within one victory of returning to .500, and they just so happen to playing the tanking Chicago Bulls on Wednesday night. They’re in great position to get their heads above water after losing four straight games, at least three of which were considered winnable.

Besides, George’s gift beats the heck out of Carmelo Anthony’s. Unless he gave Westbrook a tangible present, he didn’t actually give the point guard anything. He sat with a sore lower back.

And as a final aside, is anyone else disappointed we didn’t get some social media shade from Kevin Durant? Westbrook announced that he was signing an extension with the Thunder on Durant’s most recent birthday. It seems like KD should have, I don’t know, posted a picture of him eating a tower of cupcakes while prominently displaying his championship ring and wearing as much “Golden State Warriors: 2017 NBA Champions” garb as possible. That type of Instagram submission would have no doubt broke the internet and made our entire weekend.

Alas, we’ll have to settle for George’s 37-point detonation—by far his best outing as a member of the Thunder. Westbrook most certainly prefers it to any passive aggressive message Durant could have, and should have, sent his way.

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