Saturday 20th October 2018,
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Curry Denied No-Trade Clause, Player Option

Curry Denied No-Trade Clause, Player Option

steph curry

Steph Curry was obscenely underpaid the past four seasons, winning two league MVPs and two NBA titles while being paid $11 million per season, less than Timofey Mozgov.

That finally changed as Curry signed a five-year, $201 million super-max extension this summer.

According to Marcus Thompson of The Athletic, Curry and his agent requested a no-trade clause and a player option for the final year of the deal and were denied by the franchise.

While the denial of a no-trade clause is believable and understandable, there are currently only two no-trade clauses in the NBA (LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony), being denied a player option is somewhat shocking.

A player option is almost a guarantee for any top-notch or even mid-level talent in today’s NBA, especially a player who has won two of the past three league MVP awards.

While it currently seems highly unlikely the Warriors would ever desire to trade Curry or that he would have used a player option to go elsewhere four years down the line, still pretty interesting to see the Warriors maintain this sort of control with a player like Curry.

Just another way in which the Warriors organization is exhibiting complete control over their budding dynasty.

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