Wednesday 14th November 2018,
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LaVar Ball Planning to Send Donald Trump Some ZO2s ‘So He Can Calm Down a Little Bit’

LaVar Ball Planning to Send Donald Trump Some ZO2s ‘So He Can Calm Down a Little Bit’

LaVar Ball DOnald Trump

The LaVar Ball-Donald Trump saga has reached a new level: mock peace offerings.

TMZ Sports caught up with LaVar over the weekend and pressed him a tiny bit about his previous CNN appearance and the equivalent of free advertising he racked up in the process. This, naturally, led to LaVar saying he would be sending the president of the United States some ZO2 shoes—you know, for his mental sanity.

Here’s LaVar, per TMZ:

TMZ: You got billionaires like Mark Cuban backing you up…Pretty much they’re saying that you’re beating Trump at his own game.

LaVar: What game we playing? We ain’t playing no game. Check this out, man: I’m going to send Trump some ZO2s. We just got ’em out, man. We putting them on flight today. Today is the 24th, and I said we shipping out ZO2s. You know what? I gotta ship some to Trump, so he can calm down a little bit. Get him some ZO2s so he can play on the court. Not in the court, but on the court.

TMZ: They recently got him golfing.

LaVar: They got him golfing? Tell him to come ball at the Big Baller Brand’s estate.

Is it wrong that I’m taking distinct pleasure in LaVar trolling the president of the United States? When so much other stuff he’s said has either rattled me or simply gone in one year and out the other? I’m going to say it’s okay, because I want it to be okay. LaVar is by no means a hero for capitalizing on the hand—aka free publicity—he’s been dealt in the matter, but the world needed someone to go outrageous verbal punch-for-outrageous verbal punch with Mr. Trump. And he has now arrived.

Here’s hoping president Trump enjoys his free pair of ZO2s—assuming, of course, they’re actually free, and LaVar doesn’t make him pay for shipping and handling or something.

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